Indigo Bananas blog updates!

by andrea

Welcome to the official Indigo Bananas blog, which is sadly very out of date.  Until it’s regularly updated, please check the front page at, the Facebook brand page at or the Indigo Bananas instagram feed (@indigobananas) for news, releases and updates. Please sign up for the IB newsletter to be kept up to […]

Halloween / Fall 2013 Collection released!

by andrea
2013-09-30 Halloween 2013 collage-sm

  The newest collection from Indigo Bananas went live Oct 5th, and can be found in the etsy store (working on a separate shop in the near future as well)!  This collection features a mix of jellies & glitters, glow in the dark polishes, holos, shimmers, and flakies/microflakies as well as super shiny real silver […]

Endless Summer multichrome holos

by andrea
DSC05979e-redo white

 Endless Summer collection – August 2013 This collection of seven multichrome linear holographic polishes was released in August; all swatches below show three coats of each polish without any other colors underneath.  Most of the colors have layering potential and look different over dark colors especially. (They are more holographic than most swatches show – […]

Fiery the Angels Fell (June 2013 series) part 2

by andrea
06-16-2013 release Array-small

Fiery the Angels Fell is a set of five polishes inspired by Blade Runner (the film, less so than the short story it was based on) that came out in the middle of June. Hey, better late than never, right? Pretend the date above is a month earlier 😉  This heat wave is to blame […]

Fiery the Angels Fell (June 2013 series)

by andrea

“Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc” – one of the many famous lines spoken by Rutger Hauer, playing the replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner, and it is an interesting inversion of a William Blake poem (America: A Prophecy, beginning with ‘Fiery the angels rose..’) […]

Executive Holos (April 2013)

by andrea
Executive Holos array-small

A set of five strong linear holographic polishes is available in the Indigo Bananas etsy shop (and also by directly contacting These were released at the end of April, and all are two to three coaters, holographic polishes with flakies or fine shimmer that is usually fairly subtle but there.   Cake or Death […]

Indigo Bananas multichromes (Feb 2013 launch, Arcane Tricksters & Nothing Cannot Last)

by andrea

The second and third launch collections for Indigo Bananas, in Feb  2013, were two multichrome collections, ten nail polishes in total.  The Arcane Tricksters are a rainbow of six multichrome polishes with a significant amount of holo glitter; both the multichrome and the holo glitter is more sparkly on the nail than most photos depict.  […]

February 2013 Releases (Core)

by andrea

A third, and the main, part of the Indigo Bananas launch releases (on 02/01/13) were the seven colors currently in the core collection – glitters, duochrome glitters, a creme, and duochrome shimmers.  Most of these I had worked on since last summer, and a couple have five or six revisions (Halcyon, Rez) to their name […]

Welcome, Info & Fan Art!

by andrea

Hey all! I finally have this site set up the way I like it so… welcome to Indigo Bananas’ main website & blog.  I will be posting new releases, more in depth image galleries, review lists, and lots of rambling about works under progress (and the occasional ‘this is too awesome not to share’ non […]

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